Rushing for endorphin


School ended and well I was trying to look for something to do other than think myself to death. Yes, this is one of those posts where I tell you mundane stuff about my dalies. I’ve been wanting to be active but found no energy/time to do it. I just had to snap out of it and make time and effort for this. When I set my mind on something, I really push through.

  1. I signed up for a three-month long gym membership to Planet Infinity. I take classes when I can and gave myself some resting time. I was supposed to be there everyday with my cousin BUT HE’S NOT THERE early enough to catch me doing my own weight training haha!
  2. I’ve taken up biking on Sundays with my bros and sistahs. Usually followed by a man-sized meal! I miss eating with bros. It’s an awesome experience haha! I love eating with people who love to eat.
  3. At home I do my morning exercises or do my cardio when I’m not in the gym.


My cousin’s pink bike borrowed and renamed to Russian Unicorn



Zumba Toning


So..summer!! Which reminds me.. I need to catch up on things I missed watching! Divisoria time?



In order to achieve something you’ve never had, you have to accomplish¬†something that you’ve never done.


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