Nothing is irrelevant in this life


Everything that happens doesn’t have to have a reason behind it. It’s not our purpose to pinpoint and attribute meanings to them. It just is and you don’t have control over everything.

Both the good and the bad that goes in and out of our lives are not irrelevant pieces of memory. At one point, it will be a part of you. Some of it gets seared into your being. All the hurt and the pain will pass but shall make you better nonetheless. It won’t make sense now but think of it like you’re looking at the weave the wrong side up. The picture isn’t done yet and you’re looking at the messy backside unfinished.

Once in a while you can look at the picture the right side up. Some of it would make sense eventually the more you live your life. One day an entire piece of the picture shall be revealed. Be patient and keep on working with it. It’s just right now you might find yourself at the inferno part of a beautiful redemption piece.



No matter how hard it is you have it right now, show up for battle. 


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