So many things to do, so little of myself.

The past four months have been a whirlwind of change, shedding and recreating. It’s no where near smooth and I wouldn’t think I’d do it again in a heartbeat. It’s been challenging and I kept on praying for a stronger version of myself and somehow ideation became reality. There’s still so much to do!

UST Main Building


I’m back home to UST and I think I slipped into instructor mode in the most comfortable way possible. Everyone has been so warm and I’m happy that it’s almost everything I wished teaching would be. The teaching is awesome. It’s the checking part that gets me.


UST Students
My Graphics 101 class


This semester, I’m teaching basic drafting for first years (Graphics 101) and Interior Architecture for fourth years (AD). My schedule is super packed and if I’m not doing things for school, I’m doing stuff for work with a sprinkle of social life. I have one day weekends and I haven’t felt this fulfilled in a long while. I found what I’ve been looking for and I wish there was more of me that I can give.



Acquaintance Party 14
The only image of me with my fourth years and Sir Tejuco during the Acquaintance Party in Centris. Remind me to take a photo of my fourth years :))

Acquaintance Party 14 1


The most awesome thing I’ve heard one of my students say: “Ma’am, sana sa lahat na lang ng subject kayo prof namin!” I wish I could come up with that much material in a short period of time. Learning and re-learning things while digesting more information is a challenge. I still have my MA to worry about among other things (gym??).

So if you see me and I make time to see you anytime of the week, it’s a product of efficient time management and pure will haha! Enjoy the ride with me?


Something worth having is never easy.


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