Studio Culture in UST

I have this nagging idea itching to get out in the open. In UST we lack Studio Culture. Our students bring their work home and most of the process is done in private. They come in with plates almost done and ready to submit. Design is isolated within a subject. There’s not enough idea incubation. There’s not much dialogue outside the classroom. The library even minimized their drafting area.

UST Students
My Graphics101 Class

Here comes the idea: Why don’t we have a room(/s) where students of any year level could do their plates? A safe place to plug in their laptops and basically do their submittals there. Professors could just hang out for consultation/ discussions. Imagine discussions of fourth years with second years. It may not be open 24hours but I’m not sure how much more money the institution would spend on electricity for keeping this room going for at least 12hours of the day. It’s going to be messy, quite noisy but fun.. in my head. haha!

I want to see messy walls with studies, a corner for open criticism and an idea board. Weekly or monthly themes for discussion. I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN SO BADLY. Maybe it can be something like the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter. It’ll be everything we’d ever need.

I’ve learned that there are some things we need to consider before we put this into action: how it works with the current curriculum, the resources UST already has (and that we can work with), budget and certain restrictions like safety and security. Having a studio culture in UST would also mean students paying more for the electricity/ additional operating hours of the building plus the hours professors would have to dedicate into this program. Imagine the space allocation of all three thousand architecture students having one table the entire year. BUT this doesn’t mean we couldn’t get better by creating a safe space for students to incubate, discuss and play with their ideas 🙂

Maybe we can find ways to make it happen.


10 thoughts on “Studio Culture in UST

  1. Agree! Siguro “Studio Culture” is career specific (architecture, visual art, etc.), but I think a general productive space is lacking in most schools talaga.

  2. Studio culture can be accomplished if only the design professor would utilize all the design hours given every design class….. i know many of our faculty does this, but students seems to be scared of sharing their ideas to others for fear of being copied ……which is a possibility ….. however being a former administrator…… doing things is not as easy at it seems …… financials., logistics , infrastructure and manpower are to be considered …… as they say rome was not built in a day,,,,,,

    1. Hi Sir! So happy you stumbled on my little blog.
      I agree with the restrictions we already have in place and I believe student welfare matters to the administration (past and present). I just feel for the students who are in micro dorm spaces without tables to work with after class hours. The library used to be that safe space for gipit dormers.

      It’s also not in the culture of the students to actually do the work in school while everyone’s watching. I remember some of my classmates didn’t like the idea of other people peeking into their process. So maybe it wouldn’t have to be a 24/7 kind of facility?

      I believe the current admin is cooking up something 🙂 Happy to hear from you po!

  3. You got exactly what I was thinking of since I started 4th year whild thesis is on-going. 10 years from now, I’m going to build a place where students and freelance professionals could work. Inside the building, showrooms of different companies would be set up there to showcase different technologies and materials for the sake of clients and for the up to date needs of students and professionals. There would a floor where students could work on their plates and where professionals could work while also enjoying the company of people, inspiring each other’s idea and lending down knowledge. In my head, I would name the place “Designer’s Cathedral”. It’s still raw, but rest assured I would be working on this to make it happen for us designers and for future designers. 🙂

    1. It’s so exciting to think of NEW WAYS of working/ learning and doing. A lot can happen in 10years! Let me know if I can contribute/ help make this happen. A step in the right direction is getting the industry, the academe and the profession in line with each other.

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