College never ends

Friends for a lifetime.
Fourth Year RMA Class

We used to be the section with the most girls vs. guys ratio. It’s funny how nothing really happens by accident. I was meant to know these amazing people who made my college life so much more colorful. We’d still giggle about the silliest things and we’re still missing some ladies from yesterday but it looks like we’re starting 2015 with a bang! Aaah 4months before the wedding!!

To the bride-to-be: You will forever be Bulgana, the pro warlock. I’m so honored to be part of your special day!! I’ll never forget that senior year plate we had as a group. Defended that one-point-oh with the Dragon! You’ll always be that feisty person who never gives up until something’s done. Best times. I’m so happy you found each other. You guys are awesome together. I gained a new BFF haha! (Hi Gian!). I can’t wait to see you down the isle!!!♥



Ok so. Cat ladies? :))


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