Feedback matters.

Alright! So my first semester had been good so far (or at least I think I’m doing well minus the fact that I haven’t really caught up with a lot of checking). Honestly, it’s been awesome and I see myself doing this until I get my doctorate degree or another MA ooooor up until I think I’m still needed here.

As a student, I know the things I should be expecting from school. No program is perfect but when I was still in architecture school, I specifically remembered those legendary professors that I have come to admire. I want to be that for my students. I’ve been mentored by some of the best teachers and being in a profession that advocates active mentoring of the next generation, I hope I’m as effective as I think I am. I don’t want to be remembered as a fun professor if I’m useless at conveying the modules well. I’d rather be remembered as a terror professor if they’d retain the lessons better.

This is why I’ve learned to swallow the bitter pill called: FEEDBACK.

I’ve asked my students to anonymously comment on the subject I’m teaching and the way I’m teaching it. *gasp* Yes, I did. One of my co-faculty recommended this since we usually get the feedback way after the semester is done. I want to be able to control and manage the class while I’m still their professor, you know? Since drafting is a pretty standard subject, my fourth year class is not. I’ve read each and every one and given my syllabus and style a revamp. Thanks to my professor in my Curriculum Studies class, the different teaching styles really do work!

I’ve had AD as a subject during my fourth year as well. I’ve experienced the same plates but the content are so general that I’ve decided to give them more in between the lines. So these are some things I tried to incorporate with my Architectural Interior classes:

#1 A client-based Activity where I’ve divided the class into four and assigned them each a “Principal Architect.” After that, they’ll give me a presentation and I’ll choose a winner. Man, all of them did an awesome job.

#2 Inviting guest speakers to class. I have varied topics covering different types of spaces. I must admit that I was never a fan of Reporting even as a student. I’ve asked some of my friends to come in school and inspire them a bit so they can do their plates in a new direction while giving them more information about real-life practice. Since they’re already in fourth year covering basic subjects like Utilities, Materials, Professional Practice..etc. My approach is a culmination of all these information.

Guest Speaker for the night: my friend Mina♥
Guest Speaker for the night: my friend Mina♥

#3 Group plates. Using the same groups, for this Plate they are asked to design a Retail Store. In this session, they presented their proposals (Color Scheme + Concept) and the next one would be a presentation of the final thing. I’m trying to get them prepared for their Thesis Defense while polishing their grasp of the modules.

#4 more interesting stuff like games, videos and other stuff! I found out they like games. We’ll have more games haha!

I’m just so happy I have friends that are willing to help me bring my ideas to fruition. It’s not an easy job but doing this well is something I am passionate about. I do my research, my presentations, checking …etc. Feedback helped me in reshaping my view of the syllabus.  Statistics in Education really made me appreciate this way back but actually applying it in real life is mind blowing. I can see how much my students enjoy my subject more and we’re learning a lot from each other.

I may not be able to teach everyone but this is still 211 people I can have an impact on. The semester isn’t over yet but I can already see how much a little tweaking could do.

The work is never done.


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