Taking a bite off of Manila’s food scene

It’s very exciting how a lot of people are going out and chasing their own thing. Our generation of creatives, innovators and consumers are becoming more and more interested with unique experiences. Less party, more culture please (well who says it can’t be both??). We were so excited to know that all these amazing people are coming nearer to us and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to taste what Manila’s food scene can offer.

I’m all for art festivals and taking a dip into the entire art scene so my cousin and I took a peek into Sandbox Collective‘s The Imaginarium at PETA. Well we were really there for the food but seeing familiar faces brings me back to Beato Angelico every time. I may be back to see the other shows but it’s not very accessible (price-wise and location-wise) for many people. If one of my instagram friends didn’t share a promo of The Imaginarium, I wouldn’t have known that there was a multi-arts festival happening in QC. That’s some days before the event itself. I knew about Trailblazers before I even realized that there was a bigger event umbrella.

Trailblazers: A culinary throwdown

All art begins with movement. If you see these people doing what they love, it’s a live performance of sorts. It’s just a shame that the stage (not the literal kind) could have been better prepared for a legit “Throwdown.” The lighting, the setup and even the dining area could have been better prepared for you to actually enjoy the food. Nonetheless, the food & drinks were awesome in themselves but I’m not so sure they were supposed to go together in a particular order.


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