Being in your element

I do believe it was Sam, my dear friend who told me about how attractive a person is once they’re in their “zone.” I have not ever forgotten this and I kept on trying to prove it wrong.. and then I see these artists on stage, musicians, performers and actors. It’s the most accessible product for the most amount of people. No wonder we all care what they all do next.

Begin Again. Awesome music it almost feels real.

How important it is that people see you in your element? Very. Well if you’re trying to make them really see you. Have you ever heard a friend saying: “Gwapo lang siya pag nagsasayaw siya.” (I only find him handsome when he’s dancing) Well I do believe there’s some truth to it. Doing something we love brings out the best in us.

It’s magnetic. Passion is magnetic.

Are we all lost stars?


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