Going Industrial

Art and its expressions, especially through space, are closely tied to society. It will always be a reflection of it’s identity (may it be a perceived or fake one or an aspiration/ideal) and the way we want to be seen. Now why all of these Industrial interiors?

It’s an interesting observation how art inspires each other. From our clothes, accessories, way of living to our tastes.. we’re going back to the basics. Remember every movement/ era is a reaction of the past. This post will not be complete if we don’t mention Hipsters.

All these terms belong together:

  1. Organic
  2. Sustainable
  3. Green
  4. Craft
  5. Bespoke
  6. Beards
  7. Unfinished, Unvarnished

The re-imagined Industrial feel made tangible with metals, wood (,subway tiles!) and concrete is the perfect translation of what this new age of cool is all about. Of course not every one is into this. All movements will always have outliers and mainstream observers living in the same reality.

Personally, I think the essence of this movement is beautiful. It’s real and we need an appreciation of the unpolished, bespoke and hand-made. As we fantasize about being this cheese-board trotting cook at home, we’re still stuck in our technological reality. This is a nice escape but then again with all things emerging pouring into the mainstream, the hipsters would have to settle with being everything they’re not supposed to be: popular.

I’m born in the wrong era of cool but I guess they don’t have a choice. Even if we Filipinos did not live through a Victorian Age and craft beers, we subscribe to this way of life because it’s accessible, photogenic and all kinds of cool. Being a certain way has its why’s. What’s your excuse?

So what are you standing for?


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