Chesca’s Bridal Shower

Our 1950s themed setup ♥

I’ve known this lady from when she had this super long hair back when she used to live next to our Lola’s place. We basically grew up together and now she’s getting married (again!) in a church this time. Man, she doesn’t look like a mom of two kids. We love you, Chekay! We’re so excited to see you down the isle this Sunday♥

Side note: Yes, Paire recently renovated and we’re almost super done haha! I love how it all turned out. Super pretty and cozy. Kat and Abby finally got rid of the super colorful chairs and we’re now rocking the gray and white. It goes really well with themed parties! Their kitchen can now accommodate bigger orders. Oh they’re offering these Christmas giveaways for the season. Check out their FB page or drop by!

Can I just say: her friends are awesome. We could easily volt in these two barkadas and talk all night. It was so fun/ crazy and educational hahahah!! *ehem*

Friends volt in!


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