Sim City Build It

SimCity Build It

So I started playing this game about two months ago (?) and since I posted this photo of my city, I’ve been getting questions on how did I get so rich in-game and how did I end up planning it that way.

My city name is Lasso and right now, I’m at level 33 with 157,539 population. 100% Happiness and tax at 13k /24h.

Well for one, I play Sim City. Ever since the first release and the recent one with Origin. Secondly, I had awesome Planning professors (Ar. Clemente and Ar. Noche) who taught me the basics of a good city. The look is almost the same but the mechanics and the technicalities are different. The Game Center version is a time-based game. This basically means that the game earns money if you don’t know how to be patient. Yes, downloading it is free but you can win it without cheats!

  1. Plan your zones.

    Plan your city wisely
    At least have two zones: Clean (Residential/ Parks + Police, Hospital & Fire Station) and Dirty (Industrial/ Factories + Waste + Sewage & Dirty Energy). In between those two zones, create your buffers: Clean Energy, Entertainment, Schools — basically anything you buy with a key since they don’t need to be in range with your PHF (Police, Hospital & Fire)
  2. Layout your desired road network (it’s free..until you upgrade it)

    I tried doing mine with a street leading to a park, leading to my Government Center
    Don’t get stuck with a boring road network. I know circular roads (my favorite btw) can’t happen here but when I played Sim City, predictable grids meant heavy traffic jams. Well in this game, the mere upgrading of streets would “fix” the problem.
  3. Decentralize your city

    Decentralize your city
    Well you don’t really have any other choice because of the limited range of your PHF (Police, Hospital and Fire Station). Save coins for your big purchases. I saved coins before expanding new territory. I made sure I had enough utilities and PHF before I start planting my houses in.
  4. Move buildings around as you wish
    Move buildings as you wish
    Your building types will start getting interesting once you start putting in key-bought items. Try and imagine a Business Center, School zones, Industrial area, Posh residential areas clumped up together in an area. Yes, it’s meticulous work but it works! Don’t put two alike buildings together. It just doesn’t look natural.

    Expo Center, Arc de Triomphe and Sydney Opera House
    Make your key-bought items in range with houses that can benefit from it.
  5. Last but certainly not the least: Simoleons, SimCash and Golden Keys
    1. Golden Keys > Simoleons > SimCash (is for the weak! L2 WAIT)
      1. Golden keys will bring you money, not so much experience.. which is good! The further your level, the harder the materials needed to upgrade your houses will be.
      2. Best way to spend your SimCash: adding slots on to your commercial buildings!
      3. Best way to earn money: Create rare items and sell them! Always have some in your warehouse/ in production.
    2. When starting out, keep your city manageable
      1. The only way you’ll earn money at the start of the game is through upgrading your housing units.
      2. You don’t have to keep on buying utilities and PHF buildings to satisfy a huge population. Earn money by bulldozing and rebuilding houses not for upgrade. You get the money without having to buy more and more support buildings. You won’t really earn that much money through tax but it would certainly help.
    3. Utilize your Trade Depot

      Trade Depot
      Sell rare items regularly! Sell more than you buy #CAPITALISM It’s a free market.
    4. Cargo Shipments
      1. Make sure you have items it asks for before it comes in so as soon as it docks, you can send it on its merry way.
    5. Open Vu Tower ASAP
      1. This was one of my earliest mistakes. I didn’t realize I can earn more keys in a shorter period of time!
    6. Don’t forget to click on those thought bubbles and coin icons!
      1. Just make sure you don’t really need items they’re trying to make you sell.
      2. Sometimes, the game offers you more than the market value price. You can check the regular price by hitting your Trade Depot and putting items on there.

A word of caution: DO NOT WATCH YOUR GAME LIKE A HAWK. You’re meant to leave the game once you finish setting up your factories. Think of the reward when you take a break from school/ work and your items are ready for you to use. Good luck and enjoy playing!

Update: I’m now at level 36, population ~330,000

A low city center formally planned to maximize the are of effect
A low city center formally planned to maximize the area of effect
Creating Vistas and scenes reminiscent of where they are: near the water.
Creating Vistas and scenes reminiscent of where they are: near the water.

Delayed gratification is the game.


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