Balay Celina, Liliw Laguna


Sarap lang! Last weekend we were finally able to take our newlywed Kana to her postponed bachelorette night out haha! We all needed a break from work and no matter how hectic my schedule has been, a vacation after more than a year is very much welcome. It’s now or never!

Carla was the one who found this charming little place in Liliw, Laguna. The whether is perfect too! It’s a simple place you can rent out with a minimum of ten people. Nothing fancy but hey, heated showers are available! They have a website for you to contact and I believe they have another place like this in Batangas.

I loved how simple it was. We all wanted more time to stay! A night in there wasn’t enough.

Mina: Drei, okay ka lang?
Me: Okay lang pero sobra na ata ‘tong ginagawa ko and I never thought I’d be in this position. Ang hirap pero kailangan.
Mina: Nako Drei, generational ‘yang ginagawa mo. I will pray for you! Alam kong nasa tamang lugar ka.

I love my friends, really♥


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