About two weeks ago, I thought about how image-centric our society is and how everyone is sharing all these images on Instagram. Joining online photo competitions or even getting featured on one of those big IG Accounts. Our students happen to be the target for these sort of things and they don’t get to share it with their peers. So I checked all the Arki Orgs IG accounts and found that they lacked activity/ inspiration. So it happen overnight: I wanted to start a feed.



BuhayUSTArki was born with the help of friends from the student body. It was quite hard to start out with just a little photos to curate. I tried to locate people students would be inspired from. I didn’t foresee the work required to actually create meaningful photosets. I wanted to create a visually-appealing feed best viewed as a whole. It aims to inspire students to create and share their best works (be it plates, photography or whatever inspires them).

Designed by Philip Lewis
Designed by Philip Lewis

Right now we’re at 460+ followers and counting. We have students from all over the Philippines following us, not just UST-Architecture students. I want the feed not to be just a visual feast but also something with meat in it for young minds willing to learn. When the feed gets 1,000 followers, I’ll officially start the learning series.

I’d be willing to collaborate with anyone who wants to help me make this feed more interesting! Follow us on Instagram! I’m looking for photographers who already have a formidable library of textures, important structures, details. Alumni posts are welcome, by the way. We have our #TBTsquared every Thursday!


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