How do you know if your Thesis Topic is right for you?

For those of you still in limbo about what to tackle for your own Thesis, I hope this would help guide you to the right direction. What is a good topic? I personally believe that it boils down to four things:
  1. Relevant – Your research should contribute something new/novel to the field, society or/and the profession. It is something others also recognize as worth solving. I’ve already said some things about a rooted problem. Watch the news, observe and read up! What do we really need?
  2. Personal – Curiosity and intent is a very important ingredient because this problem/ topic needs to be close to your heart. You’re going to be in a very long relationship with it. You might as well invest time and effort in something you believe in.
  3. Manageable – Yes, designers are born idealists. We’d all want to change the world! Remember, this Thesis is worth (more or less) a year’s work. What can we really do with half semester working on the book and the other with a design solution? Be mindful of your Scope and Limitation.
  4. Availability of Material – A design solution is only as good as the quality of research. Evidence-based Design is defined as a process for the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence from research and practice in making critical decisions, and for the purpose of this discussion, a design solution. A good thesis should include at least twenty (20) credible sources. Check the availability of books/ journals/ case studies/ past studies of your desired topic. Would the information you need be  available?
So with these in mind, I hope you’d get a grasp on how important it is to set this already early in the game. Start scanning through the library catalog and online sources! Questions? Drop me a message!

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