“Parang wala ka sa Pilipinas!”

Upon entering the National Museum


Is it because we’re so deprived in all things beautiful that we reserve this comment when we actually inhabit a place we find stunning? We deserve to be in designed environments! We should start demanding it until it becomes the norm. Providing your fellowmen this service should be an honor. Do not waste an opportunity for something mediocre.

Easy to say, hard to do? Start small. Start caring. Let’s make beautiful things happen!

Today, I was able to finally visit the National Museum (thanks to Ryan)! It’s so awesome to be in the same room with national treasures. We even got a chance to be included with a group with a guide! I love Art History animated by the very passionate Alvin Campomanes. To see people in their element and do the things they love (especially when it involves Filipino culture) make me so proud to be a Filipino!

It was a beautiful day to see young people engaged in their own culture. I am very proud to be included in the generation they call Millenials. The market frames us as people who want meaningful experiences out of life. Imagine what can we can all do as a collective force! I’m very hopeful.

You can’t beat beautiful coincidence.


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