(Temporary) Paralysis

I’ve stumbled upon this term Productivity and how we’re all supposed to be sized up per hour. How can work be scaled based on time? It takes me a lot of time to do my lectures for a delivery of 30mins and you expect my labor to be reduced to a formula? Can you really quantify creative work? It’s not repetitive and often times, it requires a different approach every single time.

Have you ever had those days when you have a lot to do that when you simply translate that into a list, you’re paralysed as you’re looking on to that list? I know it’s overwhelming especially in the age where everything is happening on a feed; where all the information in the world screams at you to be digested. Well, I’m feeling this paralysis right now and you’re not alone.

As crazy as I have been making my life to be, I did not foresee this brand of multi-tasking that slowly built itself on to my schedule. I’m on everything and it gets exhausting that sometimes I just need to shut off from everything and find my center somewhere. Anywhere that I can be alone. Super women need some rest too, you know. A little kindness and a little warmth is very much appreciated. It’s nice to find rest in people that understand. However, you can’t find that in everyone these days. Thank you for making me feel like the efforts I’ve been doing is received well even if it’s the smallest thing.

We keep on going even if it’s tough. That’s what big girls do anyway. My future self will thank me for it 🙂


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