The makings of a kick-ass Design Focus

So recently you guys have hit up those likes on a tweet I had a few hours ago, and I thought: is it really clear what the design focus is in the first place?

What the design focus is
This isn’t some ploy to make your Concept Sheet look cool (well of course if you use it correctly, it’ll do more than that!). The design focus elevates your architectural solution into a work of innovation. It makes your work different from any other project of the same nature. Remember how we said architecture is innovation? The Design Focus isn’t something you conveniently add to your project to make it look different (see there’s a difference between putting it for looks and putting it there because you need to). This is the heart of your project. It can basically range from a sustainable material, to an entire system (like energy harvesting)  integrated into your solution.
How to make it a meaningful part of the project
  1. Make sure it answers one of your project objectives (directly or indirectly)
  2. It is in line with your concept (and ultimately your philosophy)
  3. You make it so integral in your solution that without it, your project will not make sense
  4. It is seen in any part of your architectural drawings (be it in your sections/ perspective/ SDP)
So when they say include it in your research, what does it mean?
Talk about its origins, a building or project that used the same technology and how you’ll be using it in your solution. Why do you think it works? How should it work? Are there any details you need to show, some illustrations perhaps? Just make the reader understand what it is, what it does and why are you using it. Simple!
To wrap it all up:
Design focus is something new you want to integrate into your project because it means something in the fulfilment of your design objectives. You can do better than the usual design focus you’ve done in the past because there’s always new materials, new ways of construction and detailing that’s being done/made. There are multiple ways in solving problems. Challenge what’s out there because anything is possible in AD class.



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