The Pinto Art Museum

I’ve always wanted to go and visit The Pinto Art Museum. Today I got a chance to do so since my cousin had to go on a Sunday for a school plate. Could I just say: it’s so cool that you get to do shoots for a plate! Anyway, it’s a good thing I had a camera with me. The entire museum is indeed a feast for the eyes!
I love the different ways people can view pieces

I think I appreciate the architecture and the way it was envisioned to be experienced, more than the art pieces itself. Everything was just so well-considered that going around the 1.3 hectare site wasn’t like a litany of unrelated pieces bunched together. There were enough rooms for sitting and transitions in between galleries were either gardens or photogenic stairways/ hallways. It was like you’re walking into art itself, and the place is basically an open invitation to interact, capture and move.

The site is well-utilized, that the topography informs the layout of the galleries. Some stones even crop out through the concrete!


How should we consume/ appreciate art? Is it okay that the first instinct upon seeing a piece of art, that we whip out our phones for a photo? Are we the art piece, that we think it appropriate that anything could be the background for our person? Should we be glad that art is even being consumed? I guess the level of appreciation varies. Some museums even ban selfie sticks.

It just felt that a lot of the people weren’t there for the art. They were there to be photographed with the art. Is it wrong? Let’s just frame it this way: how would you be affecting people around you trying to appreciate what’s in front of them?

This photo pretty much sums up the entire experience

If you love art and actually would want to take your time in and around the galleries, I suggest you go there on a weekday/ non-holidays. They have great pieces in there and everything’s well-considered. Even the food is decent.



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