The problem with Style

Is visual unity important for nationality? I’ve been studying, looking at pictures of tangible culture of vernacular houses from its traditional form to its modern versions; and I have yet to see identical forms and ornamentation exactly alike. In architecture, you’ll always come across this word: context. This term is used to describe the location […]

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Coming back to Las Casas

It’s been a while since I actually got out of the city to do some architectural sightseeing! After the months week’s whirlwind of activities, the circumstances aligned to allow me this little nugget of reward: HCS-UST invited me to join them for a day at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, a heritage resort by the […]

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Making arguments stronger

The only element that I just can’t seem to master is time in sync with my energy levels. I will not even tell you how messed up my schedule is this semester. Anyway, I found this amazing book. It’s called Home: A Short History of an Idea by Witold Rybczynski and it’s been published ages […]

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About two weeks ago, I thought about how image-centric our society is and how everyone is sharing all these images on Instagram. Joining online photo competitions or even getting featured on one of those big IG Accounts. Our students happen to be the target for these sort of things and they don’t get to share […]

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Balay Celina, Liliw Laguna

Sarap lang! Last weekend we were finally able to take our newlywed Kana to her postponed bachelorette night out haha! We all needed a break from work and no matter how hectic my schedule has been, a vacation after more than a year is very much welcome. It’s now or never! Carla was the one […]

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